Who are we?
We are a group of Jews embarking on a journey of innovation and renewal. We are searching for appropriate new ways to create a community, celebrate our heritage, deepen our faith, and pass on to our children the joy, the depth, and the richness that Judaism brings to our lives. Our name expresses our emotions and our aspirations: Shir Chadash — A New Song.

What do we believe?

As a community, we feel the need to identify the things that matter deeply to us, the principles that will inform our practices, shape our conduct, and guide our evolution. These principles, forged in the crucible of heartfelt discussion and tempered by a desire for consensus, reflect our yearning to extract from the tenets of our ancient tradition the inspiration and guidance for a modern congregational life.

We  embrace the three pillars of Judaism: Torah, study; Avodah, worship; and Gemilut Chasadim, deeds of love and kindness.

We are a congregation that encourages the active participation of our members  in partnership with our clergy, in learning,  worship, and personal and community endeavors.

   We are committed to the growth and evolution of Jewish belief and practice. Our religious life is rooted in the traditions of our ancestors and is informed by the nature of our contemporary world.

    We  respect diversity and believe in inclusiveness. We value respectful discourse, seek consensus, and strive for fairness in our congregational activities.

What do we do?
   We are committed to Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, and this responsibility shapes our belief that social justice begins within our community.

We affirm the importance of nourishing the hearts, souls, and minds of adults and children, through spiritual experiences, the finest possible educational opportunities, and the model of our own commitment to a Jewish life.

About Us

Who we are.. What we believe..  What we do...