9:00 a.m. Parents & students gather in the sanctuary


The fee for religious school is $100 for the first child and $75 for each additional child in the same family.

There is no charge for Tot Shabbat, however a $25 donation is suggested to help cover supplies.

If you have any questions please email

Religious school re-imagined, with interactivity and more 
After a summer of renewal, I look forward with great
enthusiasm to another year of creativity in the classroom, of
sharing ideas through interesting discussions, crafts, and
hands-on activities, and of students becoming more and
more a part of the Shir Chadash community.

To kick off the year, we will all (parents, students, & teachers)
meet in the Sanctuary at 9:00am, Saturday, September 7th,
for a story, of course, and an introduction to the new opening
program - a scavenger hunt and relay involving students AND parents.
Please note that instead of a bagel break for our students,
food will be part of the program! Something is very new this
year, so come and see what has changed.

Also, they say “the more, the merrier,” and that is especially
true in our classrooms, so if you can help us grow, please
do! If you have younger children or friends with children who
are unaffiliated, please encourage them to try out our
Religious School FREE for one month. Our Tots Program is
also free, although we request a donation of $25, if possible,
to cover materials.

Finally, after class, we hold a Shabbat morning service in the
sanctuary that concludes our morning together with beautiful
song and the peace of Shabbat, reciting the same prayers as
Jews all over the world. The Religious School students who
attend have the opportunity to be part of this intimate
experience with their Congregation, to see the Torah up
close and hear what they are learning come alive. You and
your children are a very vital part of our Congregation and
they are welcome whether they sit with their friends or with
you, whether they squirm or sit quietly, so please, come to
Shabbat services with your children so that they can have
the full Shir Chadash experience. The service is concluded
by 11:45am.

I look forward to seeing you on September 7th and sharing
with you our exciting plans for the coming year!!!

Sue Marcoe
(845) 723-4045